HTML5 Media Player

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What is it?

HTML5 players is one of the most notable new features in HTML5, it allows you to embed video without the use of flash.

What it will do?

If you need a way to repeatedly release audio, then I highly can easily add Video / Audio / Image to your site. Just add this Module to your site.

HTML5 Media Player Demo

HTML5 Media Player Explained

HTML5 have some extra advantages than Flash player, which makes HTML5 more useful. The loading time is fast of HTML5 players, you can fast forward and rewind the video without waiting at video to buffer. HTML5 will be more efficient than Flash.

As you must be aware, most modern browsers now support HTML5. Using this new markup, you are no longer required use properitory Objects or Applet for Media.

Besides, using client side browser maximizes user experience and speed of the Media rendering.A number of high-profile sites have started to serve HTML5 video instead of Flash.

HTML5 video is not currently as widespread as Flash videos, though recent rollouts of experimental HTML5-based video players from YouTube , suggest that interest in adopting HTML5 video is increasing.

Some major video-providing websites have announced decisions to continue using technologies other than HTML5 video.

Attribute Description:

  • src: Specifies the location of the video file. Its value must be the URI of a video file.
  • poster: Specifies an image to use while the video is unavailable (i.e. it hasn't loaded yet). This is typically an image of one of the first frames of the video. If supplied, the value must be a valid URL of an image.
  • Navigation URL: Specify the URL, clicking it the User will be directed to the Link on the Web or the Page on your site. You may choose to open a New Browser window.
  • autoplay: Specifies whether or not to start playing the video as soon as it can do so without stopping. This attribute is a boolean attribute.
  • loop: Specifies whether to keep re-playing the video once it has finished. This attribute is a boolean attribute.
  • muted: Controls the default state of the video's audio output. If present, this attribute results in the audio output being muted (i.e. there is no sound) upon loading. This attribute will override the users' preferences. The user can then choose to turn on the sound if he/she so wishes. This helps users from being annoyed by loud sounds coming from the video as soon as the page/video starts loading. Users often close their browser when this happens. The 'mute' attribute aims to overcome this issue by having the video start off silently instead of loudly. This attribute is a boolean attribute.
  • Controls: Specifies whether or not to display video controls (such as a play/pause button etc).
  • Width: Specifies the width, in pixels, to display the video.
    Possible values: [Non-negative integer] (for example, 300)
  • Height: Specifies the height, in pixels, to display the video.
    Possible values: [Non-negative integer] (for example, 150)

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