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What is it?

YouTube is a video-sharing website, users can upload, view and share videos. video content, including movie clips, TV clips, and music videos, as well as amateur content such as video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos. Most of the content on YouTube has been uploaded by individuals, Unregistered users can watch videos, while registered users can upload an unlimited number of videos.

What it will do?

you can insert YouTube video list on your site very conveniently. This module allows you to enter User ID or PlayListID to add video list. It can also support adding video individually. It supports custom template, adjusting player size.

Videos considered to contain potentially offensive content are available only to registered users.

YouTube Video Player Demo

YouTube Video Player Explained

It can support entering UserID or PlayListID to add video list. It can support custom template. It can support feature of ajusting player size. It can support displaying list of video thumbnail in front-end. It can support updating list automatically. Added Caching Function, you can configure how many days for cache, it will be one day in default. Added "Popup Video" option. When clicking thumbnails, it will popup one lightbox window and play video, not redirect.

Video Technology

Playback : Viewing YouTube videos on a personal computer requires the Adobe Flash Player plug-in to be installed on the browser. The Adobe Flash Player plug-in is one of the most common pieces of software installed on personal computers and accounts for almost 75% of online video material. HTML5 standard allows videos to be viewed without requiring Adobe Flash Player or any other plug-in to be installed. The YouTube site has a page that allows supported browsers to opt in to the HTML5 trial.

Uploading : All YouTube users can upload videos up to 15 minutes each in duration. Users who have a good track record of complying with the site's Community Guidelines may be offered the ability to upload videos up to 12 hours in length, YouTube accepts videos uploaded in most container formats, including .MP4, .FLV. These include Videos with progressive scanning or interlaced scanning can be uploaded, but for the best video quality, YouTube suggests interlaced videos are deinterlaced prior to uploading. All the video formats on YouTube use progressive scanning.

Quality and codecs : YouTube originally offered videos at only one quality level, displayed at a resolution of 320x240 pixels with MP3 audio. YouTube videos are available in a range of quality levels. The former names of standard quality (SQ), high quality (HQ) and high definition (HD) have been replaced by numerical values representing the vertical resolution of the video.

3D videos : YouTube users can now upload 3D videos. The videos can be viewed in several different ways, including the common method which utilizes glasses worn by the viewer to achieve the 3D effect. The YouTube Flash player can display stereoscopic content interleaved in rows, columns or a checkerboard pattern, side-by-side.
Content accessibility : YouTube offers users the ability to view its videos on web pages outside their website. Each YouTube video is accompanied by a piece of HTML that can be used to embed it on any page on the Web. This functionality is often used to embed YouTube videos in social networking pages and blogs. Embedding, as well as ranking and commenting, can be disabled by the video owner. YouTube does not usually offer a download link for its videos, and intends for them to be viewed through its website interface. Numerous third-party web sites, applications and browser plug-ins allow users to download YouTube videos.

Platforms : Some browsers are capable of accessing YouTube videos, dependent on the provider and the data plan. Not all of YouTube's videos are available on the their version of the site. YouTube's videos have been available for viewing on a range of some products. This required YouTube's content to be transcoded into that preferred video standard. YouTube videos can be viewed on devices

controls : Specifies whether or not to display video controls (such as a play/pause button etc).

width: Specifies the width, in pixels, to display the video.
Possible values:[Non-negative integer] (for example, 300)

height: Specifies the height, in pixels, to display the video.
Possible values:[Non-negative integer] (for example, 150)

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